Does The Right Or Left Leg Wear The Wedding Garter?

Does The Right Or Left Leg Wear The Wedding Garter?

I get this question all the time: does the right or the left leg wear the wedding garter on the wedding day? I totally understand, with all the wedding planning it seems like it is one decision after the next! Sometimes you just get to a point during the planning process where you can't make another decision! Am I right?

Fear not my lovely brides-to-be, I am here for you! If you are wondering which get should get the wedding garter, the right or the left. Or, you are wonder if it even matters at all which leg wears your wedding garter, then you've come to the right place! It is time for another wedding garter 101 advice post, where I answer all of your questions about bridal garters and more! But before we get into it, a pretty picture…


Photo Credit: Amelia Johnson Photography, Styling: Claire Duran Weddings & Events

The Short Answer

The basic answer is this: It does not matter which leg wears your wedding garter on your big day. You can put it on your right or the left leg. You can wear it high or low on your leg. It doesn't matter! There isn't a right or wrong way to wear your bridal garter. I know, it was just that simple!

Comfort Counts

There are different traditions and rumors about which leg should get the garter, but the one that matters the most is comfort. What feels the best to you? What is natural to you?

Wear your garter where it is the most comfortable for you and that's the proper leg!

With all of this advice in mind, be sure to try on your wedding garter – and all of your wedding accessories – before the morning of your wedding. This way, if there are any problems or necessary adjustments, you can take care of them before the wedding.

Happy wedding!

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