Do I Need a Tossing Garter?

Do I Need a Tossing Garter?

As the stylish wedding garter that I am, I often get asked, "Do I need a tossing garter for my wedding?" That's a great question! When bride safe planning their wedding, there is a lot of pressure – you need this, you need that, don't forget this! It is confusing, I get it!

Next up in my wedding garter 101 advice blog series, where I'm answering anything and everything as it relates to a wedding garter (Yes, it is possible), I'm talking about tossing garters and do brides really need them and when do they need the tossing garter. Lots of questions about a garter, who knew?!


Photo Credit: Audra Wrisley Photography

The answer is that brides only need a tossing garter if they are going to do the garter toss ceremony. Why? Because, a tossing garter is the garter that you are going to throw out into the crowd. If you are going to do the garter removal and toss ceremony, then you could consider getting a tossing garter. This way, you have your main garter to keep as a modern heirloom after your wedding and then you throw away your tossing garter. If you have a garter set, or wear two garters, you have one to throw and one to keep!

The tossing garter is a simpler and (hopefully) less expensive garter that your partner will remove and toss to the crowd. (Here's a tip – wear your tossing garter below your main garter, so your partner will know which one to remove.) By tossing the tossing garter, you'll have your main garter to save as a keepsake. With a tossing garter, you can skip the step of having to remember to ask for it back from the person who caught it.

Hope this helps! So, what about you? Will you get a tossing garter for your wedding or are you skipping the garter toss all together and just getting a garter to save as a modern heirloom?

For more garter related questions, be sure to check out my garter 101 blog series and you can shop for a garter in my collection right here. I sell garters as main garter (just one) or as a set (two garters), this way the brides can choose to get a tossing garter or not!