DIY Cocktail Napkins

DIY Cocktail Napkins

I've often said, I'm not a party planner. I'm much more of a party go-er! When it came time to put the little touches on my new wedding garter collection launch party, I was at a loss. Good thing that I had Stephanie and Janice to look out for me and save me a little bit of money!

I wanted those cute cocktail napkins that you see at parties and everyone goes "awww" before they wrap their drink or grab a cupcake. But, to get my company logo printed on them was going to be a bit pricey. They actually aren't that expensive if you think you might eventually order more because you have to pay to have a plate made of your logo first (about $200 for 300), but certainly more money than I had or wanted or needed to spend on this extra detail.

UNTIL, Stephanie from Couture Parties suggested that I use my logo stamp on the napkins. I have a wooden stamp  from with my "The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith" logo on it that I use for lots of different things, but mostly to stamp the keepsake bags that come with all of my stylish wedding garter designs. Genius!

For $15 in the cost the napkins (I already had the stamp.), I made these little DIY cocktail napkin beauties. (And by "I", I mean my mom, 'cause she was the one who actually stamped all 300 of them with lots of love!)

DIY-pink-cocktail-napkins-The-Garter-Girl-by-Julianne-Smith 1

DIY-pink-cocktail-napkins-The-Garter-Girl-by-Julianne-Smith 2


Thank you, Stephanie, for cluing me into the wedding planner secret of stamping napkins. Thank you to Janice for saving me from spending unnecessary money. And, thanks to my momma for always supporting me, even when that means stamping hundreds of napkins!

All photos on this post are credited to A Britton Photography.