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Custom Wedding Garter: White, Navy and Burnt Orange

Custom Wedding Garter: White, Navy and Burnt Orange

Call me crazy, but I really think that coral, burnt orange and just about any shade of orange is all the rage in weddings these days. It seems like every week I get a custom wedding garter request in some shade of orange. The most recent custom wedding garter is a white satin background with a navy blue satin stripe, an orange satin stripe with a burnt orange satin bow on the top. The tossing garter is in a matching navy, orange and burnt orange. Orange is such a great color, so bright and cheery, and it goes so well with navy! I can see why lots of brides and grooms are using at a wedding palette.

navy-coral-custom-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl burnt-orange-navy-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl navy-orange-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl navy-orange-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl

Fore more custom wedding garter designs, be sure to check out my blog series, or email me to design your own stylish wedding garter.