Custom Wedding Garter Spotlight: Made from Mother’s Dress

Custom Wedding Garter Spotlight: Made from Mother’s Dress

Whenever a bride sends me the lace from her mother's wedding dress to make an heirloom wedding garter, it is the biggest honor. I get goosebumps just writing about it! I have an custom wedding garter to share today and the lace was taken from the bride's mother's wedding dress. Before I sent off then bridal garter and send her back her mother's wedding dress, I took a few photographs of the garter with the bridal dress.

When cutting the lace for a garter, it is always the hardest part of custom making a garter from an heirloom wedding dress. You have to measure many times and cut ever-so-lightly. Also, I typically have to hand wash the lace as it tends to yellow and darken overtime, especially if it wasn't washed before being put away after the first wedding. For this custom garter, I made sure to cut the lace, as hard as it was, from the back bottom hem of the wedding dress so that they could use the dress again. You never know! There was so much lace there, the possibilities are endless from pillows to a baby dress! With the way that I cut the lace, someone could even wear the wedding dress again!

This custom garter was so stunning! Because the lace was so detailed, we went with a very simple design for her bridal garter. The garter was an ivory satin background with two layers of ivory lace from the vintage wedding dress and it was detailed with an ivory satin bow to tied it all together.













I was such an honor to make this custom wedding garter! I wish this beautiful bride nothing but a lifetime of memories and happiness!

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