Custom Wedding Garter Set with Navy Blue Velvet, Gold and Pearls

custom wedding garter with navy blue and gold

The formal and elegant brides will love this custom wedding garter set that I want to share today. This garter set had everything – velvet, pearls, embroidery, gold – and it turned out perfectly! Sometimes when a garter has too many details, it can get busy and overdone (After all, it can be a lot to squeeze onto such a small space!), but, not this custom garter set! It was full of detail and texture and it all worked! Of course, anything with velvet and I'm sold! I'm such a sucker for anything velvet and when brides use velvet for their wedding, I am all about it!

custom wedding garter with navy blue velvet, gold and pearls

This custom wedding garter had lots of details, but it was all put together so beautifully! This garter was a set, so there was a main garter and a tossing garter. The main garter is an ivory satin background with a stripe of navy blue satin, a stripe of gold grosgrain and an ivory satin bow tied just in the center with a cluster of pearls in the middle of the bow. The inside was hand embroidered with the couple's initials and wedding date. The tossing garter was a matching ivory satin with a navy blue satin bow. 

Here are a few more pictures, but just a warning, there are a lot of pictures! You know how I like to take pictures!

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So elegant, right?! I loved making this custom wedding garter so much! It had it all and it turned out beautifully!

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