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Custom Wedding Garter: Navy, Coral and Lace

Custom Wedding Garter: Navy, Coral and Lace

It is no secret, navy and coral seems to be a really popular wedding color combo. For this custom wedding garter, I made the background navy satin with a stripe of coral and then added a simple layer of lace on the top. It is perfectly simple and turned out just gorgeous!

navy-coral-lace-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl-1 navy-coral-lace-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl-3 navy-coral-lace-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl-2 navy-coral-lace-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl navy-coral-lace-wedding-garter-set-The-Garter-Girl-4

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