Custom Wedding Garter Made From Mother’s Wedding Dress

custom wedding garter

I have pretty pictures to share today of a custom wedding garter that I recently designed for a bride using the lace from her mother's wedding dress. This was a bit of a funny story of how this bride came to me and I ended up designing her custom wedding garter.

grandmother's wedding dress bridal garterFirst, she purchased my exquisite wedding garter style, which is made with the lace from a vintage wedding dress. A few minutes after she purchased this wedding garter, she emailed me and asked if I made custom garters (Yes!) and could I make the garter using her grandmother's wedding dress (Yes!).

Flash forward a few weeks, her mother sent me her mother's wedding dress and I was busy making the bride a wedding garter! The grandmother's wedding dress was perfect for the exquisite wedding garter style as I was able to make her the same style of wedding garter with the something blue satin and ivory pearl details, but I used the lace from her mother's wedding dress. It was perfect and turned out beautifully!

Here are few pictures that I took of the garter and what was left of the grandmother's wedding dress. You can see that her dress had chocolate brown satin stripes under the lace that I had to take off to make her garter.

wedding garter made from grandmother's wedding dress

lace, pearl and blue wedding garter made from vintage wedding dressheirloom wedding dress bridal garterlace wedding garter made from grandmother wedding dress grandmother's wedding dress bridal garter lace and something blue heirloom wedding garter old wedding dress bridal garter
wedding garter with lace and pearls and something blue wedding garter made from grandmother's wedding dressheirloom wedding garter

This wedding garter is so gorgeous, right!? I couldn't stop taking pictures, as you can tell!

For more custom wedding garters, be sure to check out my gallery or send me a message and you can design your own garter. I'd love to hear – and hand create – your garter design ideas!