Real Garter: Jordan

Bride in fur shawl and Groom

This custom wedding garter could qualify as our bride Jordan's something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! It's dusty blue satin adorned with lace from the bride's Grandmother's silk robe from her wedding day. Her Grandmother's wedding was in 1941...look at that beautiful lace!

I loved working with Jordan's family's materials for her custom wedding garter made from her family's materials. You can't go wrong with something blue satin and lace from your grandmother. I love the color combination Jordan chose for her garter, this is an heirloom from her wedding day that she'll love forever indeed.

For her garter we used dusty blue satin to be her "something blue," but we also used it to match the silk on her grandmother's robe. The robe silk was so vintage and worn from being over 60 years old, so we weren't able to use the silk for garter. We were able to take the lace off of the robe and then piece it together onto the garter. The contrast of her grandmother's robe lace with the new dusty blue satin looks amazing. If you want to see more of Jordan's heirloom, here are some detailed photographs that we took of her family heirloom wedding garter.

As a special treat, we have some winter wedding day photos to share. The photos of Jordan and her mother on her wedding day are just beautiful. They were so kind and generous to share their real wedding day photos with us...

Blue Satin Gold Lace Wedding Garter

Bride with Floral Bouquet

Bride and mother on wedding day

Groom and Bride in Fur Cape
Jordan's chic bridal fashion has us giddy with excitement! We love nothing more than a photo of the newlywed bride and groom with gleaming smiles on their faces! Her fur wrap and the lace on her wedding dress - you know we are in love!

Thank you for sharing these sweet photos of your wedding day. We love how you included your family into your big day with a wedding garter handmade from the lace in your grandmother's wedding night robe.
A big congratulations!

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