Real Garter: Natalie

bride and mother bridal wedding garter

A beautiful wedding day with tender moments shared between the bride and her there anything better? Natalie chose to have a custom family wedding garter created for her using materials from her mother's wedding dress. What's even more special? She shared images with me of her mother and father's wedding day to see her mother's dress from its big day.

For Natalie's custom wedding garter I used some delicate lace from her mother's wedding dress and paired it with some silver satin for a beautiful bow. On the inside, I embroidered her wedding date for a special sentimental touch.

Click here to see the pictures we took of her beautiful custom garter made from her mother's dress with silver satin and hand embroidery.

I'm so honored to share a few pictures from her wedding day plus a few pictures of Natalie's mom in her dress on her own wedding day so you can see her dress before I cut it to make her garter.

Custom Wedding Garter Made from Mother's Wedding Dress

Personalized Wedding Garter with Embroidered Wedding Date

Bride and Mother Putting on Wedding Garter

Family Heirloom Wedding Garter Bride and Mother

Bride in White Silk Robe

Bride and Mother in Silk Robes Getting Ready Wedding Day

Brides Mother in Wedding Dress

Brides Parents on Wedding Day Mothers Wedding Dress

Bride and Mother on Wedding Day
Photo credit: O'Ryan Empire Photography

Such a beautiful connection between this bride and her mother, right? We love seeing these absolutely sweet moments they were able to share on Natalie's wedding day. It was an honor creating this custom wedding garter for Natalie using materials we sourced from her mother's wedding dress. This wedding garter is a family heirloom for her wedding day to be cherished.

Thank you, Natalie and O'Ryan Empire Photography, for sharing these beautiful images of Natalie's wedding day and her parents' wedding day.

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