Custom Wedding Garter Made From Grandmother’s Scarf

Custom Wedding Garter Made From Grandmother’s Scarf

What do you do if you are getting married and you have a gorgeous scarf from your grandmother? You make a wedding garter out of it, of course! I have the most beautiful and special personalized wedding garter to share today in this custom garter spotlight where I share a recent custom heirloom that I handmade.

The bride's cousin came to me with her grandmother's silk leopard print scarf and she wanted to use the scarf in a bridal garter for her cousin. Their grandmother loved leopard print so much and just being able to use even a little bit of the scarf in her wedding garter was going to be special no matter what! I was so honored and excited to make this heirloom bridal garter. I know it is something that the entire family will love and appreciate and an heirloom for many generations to come.

We combined the bride's personal style together with the leopard print silk scarf from her grandmother to come up with a wedding garter design that was not only stylish, but beautiful and meaningful. This custom garter featured layers of the leopard silk scarf from their grandmother, an overlay of ivory lace from a vintage wedding dress and it was finished off with an ivory satin bow. It was so gorgeous!

Here a few more pictures of this custom garter made from the bride's grandmother's leopard print silk scarf….

It was such an honor to make this family heirloom wedding garter from your grandmother's scarf! I hope that you love it and will share it on through your family for many generations to come! I love your grandmother's style with her love of leopard! I love leopard print too!

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