Custom Garter Spotlight: Yellow, Gray & Rosettes

Custom Garter Spotlight: Yellow, Gray & Rosettes

I always love it when a bride lets me design a stylish wedding garter for her!  This custom wedding garter is yellow and gray to match the couple's wedding colors.  The bride just told me the colors a few things that she liked and didn't like. Here is the garter set that I designed for her.




This is a wedding garter set.  The main garter is a white satin background with an yellow grosgrain stripe and a gray satin stripe.  I hand embroidered the couple's initials and their wedding date.  I also added one yellow grosgrain rosette and two gray satin rosettes.  The tossing garter is yellow grosgrain with a white satin stripe and a gray satin center-tied bow.




Thank you to the bride for letting me design couture garter for you!  I wish you all the best!  To see more custom wedding garter designs, check out my gallery or blog series.