Custom Garter Spotlight: Heirloom Lace & Pearls

custom wedding garter made from mother's wedding dress

Its a custom wedding garter spotlight! I love sharing custom garter orders that I create, especially when they are made from the bride's mother's wedding dress. Earlier today I shared Audry's wedding garter pictures from her big day. As I was writing the post, it dawned on me that I never shared the pictures that I took of her heirloom wedding garter.

custom wedding garter made from bride's mother's wedding dress sleeves


Audrey sent me the sleeves of her mother's wedding dress and I used the lace flowers and the beads to make a beautiful wedding garter for her. In a way, it was a bit easier for me to make Audrey's garter, because the sleeves had already been cut from the dress. I always have a hard time making that first cut into a mother's wedding dress! Even for me, it is painful to do!

Here are few more pictures of Audrey's custom wedding garter that I took…

custom heirloom wedding garter heirloom wedding garter with lace and pearls custom ivory and satin wedding garter heirloom wedding garter with lace and pearls

Thanks again to Audrey and her mother for letting me make this special, heirloom wedding garter for you!

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If you are interested in a custom garter, please email me anytime at I can't wait to hear from you and design you the perfect wedding heirloom garter you'll love forever!