Custom Garter Spotlight: Gray, Red and Blue Embroidered

Custom Garter Spotlight:  Gray, Red and Blue Embroidered

I have a new little toy and I'm excited to finally be able to share it! I got a tablet sketch pad from Wacom so that I can do a sketch of a custom wedding garter design before a client decides on their final design. It is making my custom design process so much easier, because it helps clients to visually see what their garter will look like before I sew it all together. I'm not a great sketch artist, but so far I've been having fun!

Here is a recent custom wedding garter that I designed using my tablet sketch pad. The first picture is the sketch, followed by the garter once it was sewn. This custom wedding garter is an ivory satin background with a gray satin stripe, a scarlet red satin stripe and a gray satin bow. (It is a customized version of garter style #260 from my collection.) It is hand embroidered in blue with the couple's initials and their wedding date. custom-wedding-garter-sketch





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