Custom Face Masks For Weddings & Events

custom face masks for weddings and events from The Garter Girl

We're keeping it safe and promoting healthy events around here with our new custom face masks for weddings! If you are looking for custom face masks for your wedding or special event, you're in luck today, because I'm so happy to announce that I'm now able to offer custom, handmade face masks. These face masks are so cute and don't forget they are also washable, reusable, breathable and they meet Disney World's face mask policy. 

I'm offering face masks to match your event in any color or fabric of your choice, as well as plain and simple face masks for the couple and wedding party that I know are so hard to find. 

Look no further because high quality face masks that look amazing at your wedding, but are durable enough to wear everyday are here - finally! And, I'm so thankful that I'm able to offer them at an affordable price, which I know matters a lot when wedding planning.

black and white gingham custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl


Face Masks For Everyone

Since the start of the pandemic, I've been sewing face masks for thousands of clients all over the country. (If you need a face mask or two, you can get handmade, reusable face masks on my site. From pineapples to flamingos, I have lots of cute patterns available as well as plain masks in gray, navy blue and white.)

At the time of writing this, I've made over two thousands face masks. Not bad for these little fingers! I was so happy to be able to put my sewing skills to good use during the lockdown and quarantine. It may not be the wedding garters that I want to be sewing, but I was happy to do it. 

As weddings and special events like birthday parties and family gatherings are starting to come back - in very limited form - many of my clients want custom face masks to match their event. Celebrating your marriage is still really important to many couples and having to wear a face mask to keep it safe and healthy for everyone is one small thing we can do. 

Many of your weddings guests will bring their own mask, as they should, but just in case, it is so smart to provide masks for your guests. Plus, anything matching and custom it always more fun - even a face mask that matches your wedding theme or colors! At the very least, it will be a detail photograph you'll never forget!


blue and white  custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl


 custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl


Custom Colors & Patterns

When you place you order, you'll be able to choose the colors and patterns to match your event. If you want black and white, or a rainbow of colors or patterns - it's your choice. I can make your masks in whatever color and fabric pattern you choose. I'll walk you through the entire fabric selection process so that you get exactly what you want for your wedding.

So much of my wedding garter business is with custom designs from garters made with your choice of fabrics and details or using your own family materials, like your mother's wedding dress or grandmother's veil. Customization is at the very heart of what we do here at The Garter Girl, so it is really important to me that I offer the custom fabric options for the face masks too.

Combine our love of customization with my sewing skills and we're a perfect match for your wedding!

Wearing a wear face mask everyday is so important and it is even more important at your wedding as people are gathering who might not be in your "bubble" and you're increasing the numbers of people you're coming in contact with. But, when you and your guests are all wearing matching or color coordinated masks with your wedding's theme, it makes it just a little bit more festive and fun for everyone! And it makes for a great photo that no one will ever forget! 


something blue  custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl

 custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl


Face Mask Wedding Favors

My cotton face masks can be used as a wedding favor for your guests to take home with them after your wedding is over too! If you're going to do favors at your wedding, it is so important that your guests can actually use it again. And a face mask is something that they will definitely use again.

Sometimes wedding favors can be boring or too specific to the event, so most guests won't take a favor, because thy can't use it again or it is unnecessary. But, a face mask wedding favor is a favor they will actually use! Your guests will love having a well-made mask that they can wash and wear long after your wedding is over. Plus they will think of you every time they put it on.

Made of cotton in a one-size-fits most adults pattern that I've made for thousands of people now, your guests will love your custom face masks. They are washable and breathable, which means that when they get home they can wash it and wear it over and over again.

My clients are commenting about how comfortable the face masks are. I even had one client tell me that she danced for three hours straight in her mask and it was so breathable and comfortable for her!

Wow! Can't get any better than that at any wedding - even in a pandemic!

 custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl

 custom face masks for wedding - reusable, handmade and washable from The Garter Girl


Face Mask Signage

You can display your personalized wedding masks on a tray or a table or maybe on the escort card display, along with face mask signage as you guests enter your wedding reminding them to wear their masks to protect others at your wedding.

It is a good rule of thumb for weddings in the middle of this pandemic - no matter your local rules - to display face mask and social distancing signage at your wedding (and remember to take pictures of it) just to make sure that you know that you did everything that you could to keep your guests healthy and safe. You even provided them with a mask!

There are so many cute ideas for face mask and hand sanitizing signs on Etsy. Just look around and you can make your mask display super cute in no time with little effort. I love printables on Etsy!

For my wedding face mask photo displays, I made a sign that reads, "Love is in the air, but so is Coronavirus. Please wear a mask." I also made a face covering sign that reads, "Spread love not germs. Please take a mask. Thank you!"

How fun are these face mask signs!?

You can make your own wedding signs at home, print them yourself and put them in a frame like I did. Also, you can talk to your graphic designer about making face masks signs for your wedding. Whoever made your wedding invitations, I'm sure can help you out with cute signs in your wedding theme. 

Right along with the direction signs and the signs for the menu and the bar, you should also have health signs reminding your guests to wear their mask and sanitize their hands often at your wedding. And don't forget to social distance!

If found all of these fun and functional face mask signs on Etsy. You can shop Etsy too and maybe you'll find something you love that would be perfect for your wedding! 

custom, washable, reusable face coverings for weddings and events from The Garter GIrl

custom, washable, reusable face coverings for weddings and events from The Garter GIrl


Adult & Kids Sizes Available

Each mask is handmade with three pleats (so that it expands to cover your entire face) and elastic ear loops, so that it fits and provides coverage for most adults. The two layers of cotton fabric stretches over the nose and under the chin, providing the maximum amount of face coverage.

My custom cloth face masks even meet Disney World's face mask policy and standards too! You might not be getting married at Disney World, but if you are hosting an event, it is important that you follow your local area's rules and regulations. If you're unsure of what to do, it can't hurt to get a little help from Mickey! 

From the Disney website: 

All face coverings (whether disposable or reusable) must:

  • Be made with at least 2 layers of breathable material
  • Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow the Guest to remain hands-free

Check. Check. Check. And Check. My custom face coverings meet all of the requirements for Disney World and they have from the very first mask that I made!

These custom masks are washable and reusable, so it can be a health protection for your event and a wedding favor that your guests can take with them when they leave to use again and again. And again!

I even offer the face masks in kid sizes, because our little ones need to stay protected too! I have three little kids ages 5 to 12 and the child's face mask size that I make fits them in a wide range of ages. 

Pro tip for the little ones: To make the face mask fit a child better (even if it is a "kid" size) simply twist the elastic ear loops before looping them over and around the ears. This will tighten up the mask so that it doesn't fall down below their nose. This twisting tip is great for adults with small faces too! 

custom, washable, reusable face coverings for weddings and events from The Garter GIrl

Simple Face Masks For The Couple & Bridal Party

Don't forget to ask me about my simple and plain face masks for the bride and groom. I also offer "something blue" face mask for the bride. I've been making plain face masks in simple patterns, like plain black or plain white, for the bridal party including bridesmaids and groomsmen to match their attire.

So many of my clients and wedding planners have come to me for simple face masks, because it is really hard to find, high quality face masks for their wedding that are also plain and simple.

See me, not my mask! You know you need to wear a mask on your wedding day, you want to wear a mask, but you don't want your mask to distract from your amazing wedding day outfit that you've probably spent quite a bit of money on. You look good and feel amazing in your wedding dress or your suit and now you can have a face mask that lets your outfit shine, not your mask!

Don't worry, I've got you covered - literally and figuratively! I have lots of face mask options for the couple and their wedding party


If you're looking for custom wedding face masks to match your big day or the theme of your event, please get in touch. You can shop custom face mask wedding favors here and shop shop simple face masks for the bride, groom and bridal party here. I'd love to work with you to do our part to stop the spread of Coronavirus from weddings, events and parties. 

For more of my wedding ideas and inspirations, be sure to check out my Garter Girl Loves blog series and you can see all of my wedding garter designs right here.

With love,

The Garter Girl



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