Featured: Martha Stewart Weddings

Featured: Martha Stewart Weddings

I designed a custom wedding garter for a dear friend and their wedding was featured in…wait for it…Martha Stewart Weddings! It is pretty much a wedding dream come true! Kelly and Jeff's wedding full of pink flamingos, lush flowers, a peach tulle wedding dress and bright pops of color in Palm Springs, California was featured in the spring issue of Martha Stewart. It is only fitting that this was Martha Stewart Weddings' annual color issue, because their wedding was full of so much color in such a good way!


You can see all of the color and the beauty that is Kelly and Jeff's wedding pictures right here. (Do not miss their hilarious wedding video and first dance!) Kelly's custom wedding garter was lace, it was embroidered, it was sparkly, it was blue, it was peach – it had it all! I adore Kelly and Jeff and I loved making their wedding garter even more! I was so super sad to not be able to attend their wedding on account of being so super duper pregnant. Not being able to fly to California was the only thing holding me back!

Check out the spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings to see Kelly and Jeff's colorful Palm Springs wedding right here and they also did this awesome true-to-life article in Martha Stewart about what married life is really like!

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