Champagne and Pink Inspiration

Champagne and Pink Inspiration

I don't know if it is champagne the drink or the color that I like more! Either way, I designed a few champagne and pink stylish wedding garters to go along with a wedding inspiration photo shoot. (I told you my garters loved having their picture taken!) I'm dying to see the pictures because, for one, I know that they are will better than mine photographs because Katie is taking them.  And two, the ladies designing this shoot are incredibly talented. I'm sure this shoot is going to be so gorgeous! And, of course, I will share! In the meantime, here are two different wedding garters that I designed to give them a choice. You'll just have to wait and see which one they went with…

Champagne Lace Wedding Garter with Pink Details

The first wedding garter is so romantic! It is champagne lace with touches of silvery sparkle. It is accented with a pink satin bow (2 inches wide).

Champagne and Pink Wedding Garter with Pink Details

Champagne Lace and Pink Ribbon Wedding Garter

The second wedding garter is modern meets vintage. It is a play on my Vintage Corset couture design with different colors and slightly different vintage French lace. It is a champagne satin background with a pink satin stripe and a lace stripe (2 inches wide). It has a pink corset tie in the back.

Champagne Ivory and Pink Wedding Garter

Champagne and Lace Wedding Garter with Pink Corset Closure

Stylish Champagne Satin and Lace Wedding Garter

I created this board on Pinterest to go along with these stylish garters.