Custom Wedding Garter Spotlight: Blue Velvet & Pearls

Custom Wedding Garter Spotlight: Blue Velvet & Pearls

I hand designed a blue velvet custom wedding garter in the fall and then a bride came to me recently and she made the bridal garter design even better! I love it when brides want a wedding garter and then truly want to make the garter's design their own. I'm talking about creating your own memories and traditions here – brides always have the best ideas!

For this custom wedding garter, the design was a blue velvet background that looks so elegant and luxurious! This bride really upped the design of her garter by adding in a stripe of ivory satin, a layer of ivory lace and then finished it off with a satin bow tied just in the center with a little cluster of pearls. This custom wedding garter was so pretty, I'll let the photos do the talking!

something-blue-wedding-garter-velvet-pearls-The-Garter-Girl something-blue-wedding-garter-velvet-pearls-The-Garter-Girl1 something-blue-wedding-garter-velvet-pearls-The-Garter-Girl2 something-blue-wedding-garter-velvet-pearls-The-Garter-Girl3 something-blue-wedding-garter-velvet-pearls-The-Garter-Girl4

This wedding garter is so gorgeous, right!?

For more custom wedding garters, be sure to check out my gallery or send me a message and you can design your own garter. I'd love to hear – and hand create – your garter design ideas!