Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Garters

Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Garters

I've loved so many new people that I've met in the wedding industry. Holly Chapple, flower designer extrodinaire, is no exception. She is a mom to seven kids and one of the most talented designers I've met!


I had few thoughts about the design of my stylish garter party itself. After one conversation with Holly, I knew that she was a pro and my garters were in good hands!

Check out how much better my unique and modern garter designs look with Holly's flower designs…






Honestly, I had the hardest time picking photos for this post. There were just so many great pictures! As Holly was unloading her car full of flowers the night of the party, I just couldn't believe it. Each flower arrangement was better than the next. I said to myself…I don't deserve this!






There were so many little details within each arrangement…there were flower beds and flower balls, some of them had little lights inside to make the garters glow, and, there were two flower towers with wires coming out to showcase my new couture garter collection…


Holly does a much better job on her blog explaining the technical parts of the flower details that she and her team created for my unique garters. So, check her blog post out here.

Thanks so much, Holly! I've loved getting to know you and having you as a part of my garter party!


All photos on this post are credited to A Britton Photography.