Am I Too Big/Small To Wear a Garter?

Am I Too Big/Small To Wear a Garter?

Wearing a wedding garter, for obvious reasons, is concerning to many brides. It is an awkward place to wear something and it brings up all types of insecurity questions that many women have with their legs. I will go into a more artful answer a little later in this post, but suffice say now and answer this question right way: No one is too big or too small to wear a wedding garter. If you want to wear a wedding garter, you will certainly be able to find one that fits you and that you love. (And, there in lies the key – you must purchase a wedding garter that fits you! Fit is everything!)

Up next in my wedding garter 101 advice blog series, I'm talking wedding garter sizes and taking on women's biggest insecurities about wearing a garter on their wedding day. It is scary to some women, I completely understand! That's why I'm here!


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Fit Above All

If you want to take part in the wedding garter tradition, don't let size stop you. Your size isn't the problem. If the garter doesn't fit you, either too big or too small, it is the size of the garter that is the problem. Garters come in all shapes and sizes, so keep looking to find one that fits you just right. A proper fitting garter will make all the difference. (I promise!)

Tips To Ensuring Proper Fit

There are many things that you can do to ensure that your garter fits you properly. If you are at all concerned about the size of your garter, here are some tips:

  1. Check the packaging or garter designer's policies. Most garters have standard size, or stretch size listed. This is the general size that the garter should fit comfortably. Measure your leg around where you want to wear your garter. So, if the garter says that it will stretch to fit 21 inches wide and your leg measures 20 inches around, you should be good to go.
  2. If you are having your garter custom designed, let your designer know that you have a specific size request. They should be able to make your garter to the exact size that you want so that it fits you perfectly.
  3. Try your garter on before your wedding day. If it doesn't fit, there is still time to fix the problem.
  4. Move your garter up or down your leg (even put it below your knee, if you have to). Most garters are made of elastic and moving it up or down will automatically adjust the size.

Garters are a personal thing between you and your partner. If you are concerned about the size or don't want to show off your legs, skip the garter toss. You don't have to do the garter toss if you don't want to do it. You can still wear a garter and just save your garter as something special between you and your partner. Create a new family heirloom and save and protect your garter after your wedding so that you can pass it on!


So that answers that! What do you think? Will you wear a wedding garter or are you concerned about your size?

I hope this helps! More questions about the wedding garter? Check out my garter 101 blog series!