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free knitting pattern…burberry inspired cowl neck scarf
December 4, 2009 Julianne Smith

free knitting pattern…burberry inspired cowl neck scarf

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a slight twist on garter girl style today…this summer i was looking through instyle magazine and saw an awesome cowl neck scarf from burberry, but was in sticker shock over the price…$750.

knitted cowl - julianne smith - view 10

before i even get into this post, i need to be upfront with a major disclaimer. in general, i’m not a fan of ripping off designs. while i’m aware that my cowl neck scarf is inspired by burberry, there are two issues at play…1.) the price tag is a little hefty even for me, and 2.) i haven’t actually been able to find the scarf itself in any burberry store. i’ve looked endlessly online and been to four different burberry stores with no luck. every sales people i spoke with had no idea what i was talking about. i still loved the cowl and wanted to try my hand at creating a knitted pattern.

knitted cowl - julianne smith - view 2

i’m by no means a knitting expert, i just love to do it. i had lots of help and support from my knitting group. i first looked through vogue knitting stitchionary vol. two: cables, which i checked out from the library. i found an allover cable idea (#157, reversible ribbed cable). i used this cable pattern as a base, but then katie from my knitting group helped me to modify it quite a bit to get it to look exactly how i wanted.

knitted cowl - julianne smith - view 3

thankfully, the instyle blurb listed that the cowl was made of wool and silk. so, i headed up to a tangled skein (thank you, allison) and picked out a really soft merino silk with a slight shine. i used two balls exactly. the cowl in these particular pictures is color “mousse #132.” it is for a friend who totally deserves it! i also picked up “charcoal #131” for myself, except that on the plane to engage i left an entire ball of yarn…whoops! i just ordered another one, so hopefully i’ll get mine done soon. i can’t wait to wear it and love it all winter!

knitted cowl - julianne smith - view 9

without further ado, here is the free burberry inspired cowl neck scarf pattern.

burberry inspired cowl neck scarf

size 10 knitting needles
2 balls cascade yarns venezia merino silk
cable needle
blunt point eyelet needle for stitching ends together
crochet hook for weaving in ends

provisional cast on 58 stitches
rows 1 – 10: slip first stitch on each row and stockinette stitch remaining stitches (knit odd rows, purl even rows)
row 11: slip first stitch, k 2, slip 8 onto cable needle (hold to front), k 8, k cable needle, k 20, slip 8 onto cable needle (hold to front), k 8, k cable needle, k 3
row 12 – 24: slip first stitch on each row and stockinette stitch remaining stitches (same as rows 1 – 10)
row 25: slip first stitch, k 20, slip 8 onto cable needle (hold to back), k 8, k cable needle, k 21
row 26 – 30: slip first stitch on each row and stockinette stitch remaining stitches (same as rows 1-10)

repeat pattern to desired length. (note: my cowl in the above pictures is 20 inches long, which was 4 pattern repeats.) remove the provisional cast on stitches. kitchener stitch the last row together with the provisional cast on stitches. weave in all ends.

important notice…this is a FREE pattern. this pattern is for personal use only. it may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or altered in way. do not reproduce this pattern to sell and/or sell any garment that you make using this pattern. anyone may use this pattern for charity, there is no need to ask for permission.

knitted cowl - julianne smith - view 5

NOTE: due to the volume of emails that i receive about this pattern, i will not be able to respond to requests for knitting help. i’ve gotten quite a bit of email, comments and ravelry messages about the kitchener stitch and how to finish the project. it is difficult to answer them all and try to explain the kitchener stitch in writing. the kitchener stitch is a tricky technique if you’ve never done it before. if you are having trouble, there are lots of helpful tutorials online. practice and become familiar with the kitchener stitch before you start this pattern. if you are still having trouble, just skip it. cast on and off as normal and seam up the ends in your preferred method. this will leave a visible seam (unlike with the kitchener stitch), but you can wear it in the back and no one will notice.

Comments (202)

  1. Madhu 2 years ago


    I think I have lost the plot here. So when you join the two edges with Kitchener stitch , is this the width or the length?
    I have finished 16 inch so that makes it 8 ? As far as i can see that 8 inch hole will not go through the head . I am missing something here.
    The length appears to be from the mo of stitches cast on?

  2. Karen 2 years ago

    I’m wondering why you didn’t do the reversible ribbed cable. Could it be the Kirchner join would be too daunting? I can understand that. I did a fast ribbed cowel for my daughter and had a time doing the ribbed join.

  3. Martha 2 years ago

    Looking forward to trying this!

  4. Jackie 2 years ago

    I have just finished this scarf. First time I have used the provisional cast on and Kitchener stitches (googles instructions and watched you tube videos). Love it! Going to make one for mum now :).

  5. eleanor kopp 2 years ago

    Do you slip a stitch every row or just stockinette row on 1-10???

  6. eleanor kopp 2 years ago

    Do you slip first stitch on the stockinette rows or every row on 1-10? Thanks.

  7. Sandra Ross 3 years ago

    This is absolutely Fabulous!! made a scarf like this. Awesoome!! hehe. But not from this pattern.:) Great!

  8. Michelle 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern. I just started using some Yarnbox wool that I wasn’t sure about the color. I just finished the first repeat and the yarn has completed come alive with this gorgeous pattern! I’m a little obsessed with it right now.

    I looked through all the comments because I do have one question about the repeat. I did see my question mentioned in one other comment and I’m hoping that someone who has finished the pattern can help. When I count out the rows, there are 13 rows between the cables in the repeat, but 15 when you add the 5 rows of stockinette at the end to the 10 at the beginning. I am thinking about reducing the number of rows at the beginning from 10 to 8 so that I’ll have 13 rows between each cabled row. Does this make sense? Or is there a reason to alternate between 15 and 13 rows between cables that isn’t apparent to someone like me who hasn’t finished the cowl.

  9. Pat 3 years ago

    What is the purpose of slipping the first stitch? Also not sure I am doing this right. This pattern is done on regular needles with a cable basically on the top and bottom . Then it is sewn together. Does this sound right?

  10. Veronica 3 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful cowl pattern. I love the wavy effect of the cables. Last winter I made several for gifts for my friends here in Florence in different colors of lovely merinos wool that i found. The effect is always the same even though the color changes from geranium to navy blue to pistachio green, etc. I also used the seamed version instead of kitchener and it seemed to present no problem since the yarn was not bulky. I used 6 mm knitting needles.. .

  11. SamT 3 years ago

    I just finished a version of this using slightly bulkier wool and fewer (40) stitches with only 6 stitches on the cable needle (mostly because I didn’t think I’d have enough wool for the original pattern). It was my first time trying Kitchener stitch, which was fiddly to begin with but well worth the effort. I love the result, and can’t wait to try it in different yarns. Thank you!

  12. Arna 3 years ago

    Thank you for this pattern! Just casted on and have worked now about 10 cm. Looks nice for now. :)

  13. Moondra 3 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE this scarf, I did this with 6 pattern repeats and OMG gorgeous! For many years I avoided doing the kitchener stitch,( I was afraid of it LOL) but because of this scarf and pattern? It’s the ONLY stitch I use to close all of my scarves, such a huge difference than sewing seams together!
    I have already made around 15 of these, for friends, myself (various colors), etc. And I get asked all the time where did you buy that???
    So thanks Garter Girl!

  14. Denise 3 years ago

    This cowl is beautiful. Do you think it would work using Rowan felted tweed yarn?

  15. Antagone 3 years ago

    If you guys are having trouble with the kitchener stitch, check out TECHKnitting’s two posts. This is how I learned and I think the diagrams are really clear and useful.

    Traditional Kitchener:

    Modified Kitchener for you gals who lose your eyeblunts:

    I prefer the traditional method (I learned to needle point before I learned to knit), but both work great.

  16. Lissa 4 years ago

    Just love this pattern…have made this cowl so many times for gifts and for myself. It’s a really fun and easy project that challenged me as a beginner and really helped me advance my skills…use the Kitchener stich with provisional cast on all the time now. Thank you so much.

  17. Marie 4 years ago

    A thousand thanks – no, make that a million – for sharing your wonderful pattern. I’ve just finished knitting the cowl, and it is far and away the most beautiful I have ever knitted. Here’s the link to my Ravelry project so that you can see the photos, which don’t actually do it justice – it’s much nicer in real life: In fact I love it so much that I started on another one the very same day I finished! It’s in a dark blue and I’ll post photos on the same Ravelry page when I’ve finished.

    One tiny thing – I initially bought the wrong wool because your link says “cascade yarns venezia merino silk”, missing out the vital word ‘Chunky’. Your link to the page is ‘not found’, you see… I mention this in case other knitting newbies do the same as me – in my case, I bought a similar yarn to the Venezia Merino Silk and it turned out to be a very fine yarn indeed. Puzzled, I thought I’d double-check with other Ravellers before I started knitting and I’m glad I did. Incidentally, there’s a great site for alternative yarn options here:

  18. patti bailey 4 years ago

    Looking at the comment about working this in the round, I thought the same thing at first until I read the pattern through…it seems there are cable stitches that are being worked left to right- so making this in the round seems impossible for this pattern.

    Another point though.. the Kitchener stitch at the end ISNT as bad as it seems, you are binding off the same as you normally would only you are taking both the ends together at the same time when you start that knit stitch to do the bind off…. That’s the easiest way for me to “word it”.. Experienced knitters will get the point, beginners once you see a picture of it will get the “ah huh” moment. It’s quite simple, nothing to fear!!!

    I love this look and long gone are the days of knitting 6 foot long scarves for that beautiful trendy look and…. We won’t lose them either!!! Convenient both ways!!! Happy holidays!!! Thank you for this awesome pattern!!! :D

  19. Donna 4 years ago

    Lovely pattern…working on one now!

  20. Jennifer 4 years ago

    Loved this pattern so much! Thanks for sharing :) I may convert it to knit in the round just as a tube and I see lots of people have asked in comments how to do that. So if I get that right I can share it. Thank you again!!!

  21. Monique 4 years ago

    Can this be knit in one piece on a circular ? How many stitches would you say to cast on circular needles? Thank you Monique

  22. Linda Cutler 5 years ago

    This is so easy and beautiful! Thank you so much. I used a color similar to yours and it goes with everything. Great job!!

  23. Carolyn 5 years ago

    I like the pattern. How do you remove the provisional stitches?

  24. Camille Duridas 5 years ago

    I just finished a knitted cowl for my Grandaughter but when my neighbor showed me your pattern I just loved the cable and am going to start it right away. Also, is there any reason it could not be knitted on a circular needle?


  25. Maya 6 years ago

    This is such an easy-to-do cowl, and looks fabulous! I finished my first one yesterday, now my daughter wants one, too! Thank you for the pattern!

  26. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks for your kind comment! I’m so glad you like the pattern.

  27. Ilse Heine 6 years ago

    Love this look, thank you garter girl.has anyone done this on circulars? Would this eliminate the provisional cast on…please post if you can help,aim ready to get started

  28. p 6 years ago

    Just so you know, you cannot control the finished item made by another person. It isn’t “taking advantage”. You didn’t buy the yarn for the maker, nor put time in to make the item.

    It is not a copyright violation!! The only thing that another individual CANNOT do is distribute your pattern. They can make 10 opies of it if that is what they need to do to knit it. Distribution is the ONLY protection offered by copyright.

    They can also sell their finished cowl, where ever they want. You have zero say in the matter.

    Maybe you should consider NOT putting patterns up because it seems to cause a big problem for you with control issues. You have no control over another person’s property!

  29. Katherine 6 years ago

    I have made a beautiful cowl out of some Malabrigo multi-fall colored yarn. Thanks so much for posting your pattern. I plan to make many for christmas gifts.

  30. Myrna McNaughtan 6 years ago

    Great pattern, thanks for letting me use it. it knits up fast – made two in two weeks, one with a beautiful angora from Nova Scotia, the other with washable wool painted yarn. Both turned out really well. Your pattern is easy to follow and remember, and the finished cowl drapes just the way I want it to. So pleased with the results.

  31. Annette Franklin 6 years ago

    U r a very talented lady
    Thank my for sharing this pattern

  32. Ann Rich 6 years ago

    Would like to knit using circular needles. Would you suggest any modifications? Have seen this up close and it it beautiful!

  33. Becki 6 years ago

    HI there,

    Just started knitting this cowl which I love but it’s the first time I’ve done one like these – is it normal to have a hole where the twist is (where you cable the stitches)? It looks fine but if you wiggle it about you can see a bit of a hole.
    Fingers crossed it’s going to look a bit like your one!

  34. Monica 6 years ago

    Is this supposed to be knit on circulars or straight needles?

  35. Monica McArthur 6 years ago

    Is this pattern meant to be knitted on straight or circular needles?

  36. Catie 6 years ago

    This is beautiful! Thanks so much!! :)

  37. Pam 6 years ago

    Thanks so much – I’ve linked to your pattern on my blog!

  38. Pam 6 years ago

    I am very sorry that your wonderful pattern was misused in the past. I’m glad I got my hands on it to make myself one! Thank you for sharing it.

  39. BonnieB 6 years ago

    I knitted this in Simply Soft light gray with a little sheen, and it’s lovely and soft and inexpensive! LOVE this pattern.

  40. Kelly 6 years ago

    Very cute! I actually made up my own cowl pattern this year too after seeing so many in the Gap that were cute (and ALOT less expensive than the one you saw!). If you’re interested, the link to my post and pattern is
    I will definitely be knitting this pattern and adding a link to it on my upcoming “favorite free knitting patterns” page.

  41. Delores 6 years ago


  42. Susanna 6 years ago

    Thank you for the pattern! This cowl turned out great: my daughter wears it all the time :)

  43. Judi 6 years ago

    After I knit rows 26-30you say to repeat Pattern rows 1-10. If I start at row 1again that means that I would hAve knitted 15 rows before working
    The cable row. Is this correct? This doesn’t seem right to me

  44. ann 7 years ago

    Love the pattern and have made several. Now would like to make some for 10yr old grandchild. Can you tell me how to alter the pattern to fit a child. I see someone else (Ann) had a similar question but I don’t see any responses to her posting.
    Thanks, A.

  45. rebecca 7 years ago

    I see that you used size 10 needles but when I ordered the same yarn Cascade yarns venezia merino silk, it calls for size 7 needles. Did you use larger needles to get a certain look?
    Thanks so much!

  46. joan tallett 7 years ago

    where did you find the wool?

  47. Margaret Jackson 7 years ago

    Hi Julianne,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern. I’ve made about 6 up to now for Xmas here in Cheshire England and the one I’m making now is in dark brown and I’ve doubled the length so that my daughter can wrap it around to guard against the Yorkshire winter. I’m forever in your debt. Have a wonderful Xmas.
    Margaret Jackson

  48. Gabriele Blum 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful pattern, that I found last week. And now I’m proud to present my own NORO colorful version that I can just turn around to get a completely different look. Greetings from Germany

  49. Carina 7 years ago

    Thank you for the pattern – I started last night, my 2 toddlers would not go to bed until 23hh20!!! So I managed to get to row 17, my first time ever to do cables. Can’t wait to see the end result. Greetings from a cold Polokwane, South Africa.

  50. Ann 7 years ago

    I love this pattern and would like to make cowls for my granddaughters (3yrs & 10yrs). How can I moditfy the pattern so that the cowl will fit them? I have had so many compliments whenever I wear my cowl (and so many requests for a cowl as a birthday, xmas, etc. present). I am so grateful to you for so generously sharing the pattern. Thanks, Ann

  51. Janice 7 years ago

    Just finished mine. LOVE IT and it was so easy to make!! Kitchener stitch was no problem once I watched a video and I love that it makes it look seamless. THANKS!! I’m sure I’ll have to make several of these for family members.

  52. Elena 7 years ago

    I made one of these after spotting it on a mannequin at a yarn shop (in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Amparo). It’s gotten a lot of compliments. It’s the first time I’ve ever done cables and I couldn’t believe how easy it was!
    I’m thinking of turning this pattern into a lightweight wrap.

  53. emily 7 years ago

    LOVE IT! easily my favorite scarf. i furiously knitted for 3 days to make sure i would have a wonderful scarf to wear before spring weather hits!

  54. Lisa 7 years ago

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pattern! I adore cowls, they’ve become one of my favorite items to knit.

  55. admin 7 years ago

    They should straighten out when you seam it together.

  56. hilary 7 years ago

    how do you keep the initial stockinette stitches from rolling, at top and bottom?

  57. admin 7 years ago


  58. sandra dennison 7 years ago

    When you say to repeat the pattern on the cowl, do you mean the entire thirty rows?

  59. Marla Rachlin 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I just love it. I had been walking around with the same magazine photo from In Style magazine in my knitting bag for over a year. I finally gave up finding a similar pattern and just threw it out. Then someone found your pattern. I made one from Zara Plus and will make a few more as gifts. Thanks again!

  60. ginny macdonald 7 years ago

    I have a question: I am making this for a friend.she bought a merino blend that calls for 4-4.5 sts per inch w/ size 8 needle. should I adjust # of stitches? thank you so much for the pattern: I live in NH and is perfect for our weather-have made 5 so far,2 for me,the rest gifts.
    thank you for your help

  61. Mary Jane 7 years ago

    I am in the process of making the cowl. When i get to row 30 it says to repeat pattern to desired length. Does that mean I begin with row 1 to start pattern again?


  62. Ann 7 years ago

    Thank you soooo much for making up this pattern. I love the cowl and people are constantly complimenting “my” cowl and asking for the pattern!

  63. admin 7 years ago

    When you cable, there will be holes. It is just how cabling is. Once you are all done and lay it out, it will look better. Just keep going – good luck!

  64. admin 7 years ago

    Yes, that is how the cables come out looking. Once you finish and lay it out, it will be fine. It is b/c the needles are large and the yarn chunky, but all cables have holes.

  65. Alice 7 years ago

    Julianne, I found your cowl pattern on line and made it for a friend. The kitchener finish was a challenge but was worth it. It came out so beautiful that I made one for myself and 2 more gifts. My friend now wants me to teach her to knit the cowl. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with everyone! Alice

  66. karen 7 years ago

    I made the scarf and have holes too. Is that the way it is suppose to be?

  67. Helene 7 years ago

    My sister and I are knitting your Burbury cowl scarf. I have one question, when you do row 11 and go on to 12 to 24, I have a hole in the work. Is that the way the pattern is, or am I doing something wrong with the cable needle? Can you solve the mystery. We love the pattern.

    posted by Helene Jan 11, 2011

  68. Cheryl Houston 7 years ago

    Just finished the Burberry Cowl and love it love it! Haven’t knitted in a long time, and saw this on Ravelry and had to make it. I emailed it to my friend who is a Knit-A-Holic and she knit it right up and is making another one. She used kind of itchy yarn for the 1st one, so doesn’t know what to do now. Any suggestions? Can you line it? The one I made is in kind of a merino grey with some alpaca. Soft, not itchy. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! xo

  69. karen 7 years ago

    Erica. I don’t understand how to get the provisional cast off stitches back to live stitches. Help!!!!

  70. karen 7 years ago

    Thank you for the pattern. I have the cowel done except for the kitchener stitch. I have done the kitchener stitch on socks but am confused. I only have one needle and a bound off edge. How do you get the bound off edge back on the needles to do the kitchener stitch. Hope that makes sense. Thank you. Karen

  71. Terry 7 years ago


    Your site was most helpful to me. I purchased a Maine Shepherdess Scarf w/pattern & yarn from Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. at the Common Ground Fair in Maine this fall. I’m planning on making a cowl neck scarf versus the scarf, but wasn’t sure of the length- 20″ seems good and will twist it once before I knit the ends together. I’ll have to check out this kitchener stitch, sounds challenging, but fun. Thanks for your site- Terry

  72. Beth 8 years ago

    Hi! I posted a link to your pattern on my blog, The Crafting Compendium, on my post about cowls. If you would like me to remove any reference and link to this pattern, please let me know.

  73. Mizu 8 years ago

    I love the scarf. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it! But I had a question.

    For the first ten rows, do you mean “knit odd rows, purl even rows” as in starting stockinette stitch with knit/purl for that row or knit/purl the entire row?

    Thank you!

  74. admin 8 years ago

    I’m sorry that you are having trouble. I don’t have the pattern for knitting in the round. You could try Ravelry. If you can’t do the kitchener stitch, just cast on and off as normal and just seam up the ends together. You can wear the seam in the back. Good luck!

  75. admin 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for checking out this pattern and trying it. I’m sorry that you are having trouble with the kitchener stitch. It is a bit tricky and takes some practice. It is difficult to explain knitting directions in writing, which is why videos and in-person teachers can be more helpful. The best thing I can tell you to do is to 1) practice the kitchener on another project before trying on this one, or 2) cast on and off as normal and seam up the edges. I left a note in the pattern above so that it might help others too.

  76. Erica 8 years ago

    LOVE this pattern – thanks so much for sharing it! I’m making this for a friend for Christmas.

    I’m coming to the end and would also appreciate some clarity on how to stitch the two ends together. I’ve looked at a great YouTube video ( on the kitchener stitch, but she starts out with each end as “live stitches” on a needle. How do you transition the “provisional stitches” in the first row to getting them to “live stitches” on a needle?

    Your instructions are to “remove the provisional cast on stitches. “kitchener stitch the last row together with the provisional cast on stitches.” I’m finding that slightly vague and would appreciate any additional guidance before I give it a go. I don’t want to end up frogging the whole thing like Kathy! Thanks so much in advance.

  77. Kathy Imhoff 8 years ago

    had a terrible time trying to figure out how to do the kitchener stitch when the other end is not on needles!!! How do you knit this in the round please. i tore the whole thing out after i was done… :(

  78. admin 8 years ago

    This pattern as written is knitted in one long piece, like a scarf, and then the ends are sewn together to make a tube. Many have modified the pattern to suite their preferences, like knitting in the round. Good luck!

  79. bays 8 years ago

    Please Help. Is this knitted in the round, or turn and knit the other way. I have never done this, and since I read 1 comment mentioning that this is knitted in the round, I am confuse. Thanks

  80. Holly 8 years ago

    Love this!! Am going to make one for myself today. Thanks so much for making it available…

  81. Michele Minkoff 8 years ago

    Can you tell me what the gauge is for this yarn?
    I am trying to do it in another yarn and am not familiar with what you are using. Many thanks.
    Michele M

  82. Trina Bortko 8 years ago

    I made this for myself and love it. It’s beautiful and so comfortable to wear. I used Etta Rae Latte (splitty and snags, but very soft). Can you modify your design for worsted weight yarn? I live in a temperate climate and would be able to wear it longer during the year.

  83. Beachkoz 8 years ago

    Beautiful. Can this be modified to circular needles?

  84. Adrienne Moucheraud 8 years ago

    i am working on the cowl, using your suggested yarn and it’s fabulous- but i have a really STUPID question (i’ve never made such an item before) when completed i get that you stitch together the two long sides – the co.and final row but what do you do with the two vertical rows that are open? the beginning and end stitches of each row and how does one put this on??????I love it on you, love working on it just can’t see how it ends up; many thanks, adrienne

  85. Naveed Ahmed 8 years ago

    Hi Can anyone help me. I live in the uk and want to knit the Burberry inspired cowl scarf.
    my questions are:
    1. when you say size 10 knitting needles what size is that in uk (in mm. Is size 10 an american size or is it 10mm uk size)?

    2. What wool is merino silk (is it Chunky, Aran, Double knit or 4ply)?

    please email me on

    thanks i’d appreciate any help!

  86. ai 8 years ago

    awesome piece!! Thanks for sharing the pattern… have been browsing for the cowl pattern and this is the best!

  87. Lizet 8 years ago

    This is going to make a great Christmas gift! Thanks so much for sharing!

  88. Gem at Cashmere Scarf 8 years ago

    Very thorough instructions. I just finished my other project and I think I’ll make one like this now.

  89. Anine 8 years ago

    Love it! Am making my second now- will post on Rav later!

  90. Keegan 8 years ago

    Hi Julianne! This pattern inspired me to pick up my needles again, AND join ravelry! Thanks for the inspiration, I love my nearly finished product. :)

  91. Sandy Caribou 8 years ago

    I am mid-way through this scarf and am already in love with the pattern. You are my hero. I am blogging about this pattern, and have given you full credit for the pattern. You are an inspiration!

  92. admin 8 years ago

    When you slip the first stitch it makes a clean edge without the bumps that come when you knit normally. To slip the first stitch, don’t knit the first stitch, just put it onto the needle purlwise. I’m sure there are videos and tutorials if you Google it. If this is complicated or confusing, you can skip it and just knit it normally. It is a cosmetic adjustment that isn’t critical to the pattern. Good luck!

  93. Eileen 8 years ago

    Hi! Love this scarf and getting ready to begin knitting, however I am a novice and need some help getting started. What does it mean to “slip first stitch on each row”?

  94. jannelea 8 years ago

    I love it!
    On my to do list!

  95. admin 8 years ago

    I’m sorry I not know if anyone has translated it. Check Ravelry and see if someone there has done it or can help you. Good luck!

  96. camila 8 years ago

    It~s wonderful … But I can~t ubderstand in english … do you know if someone translated this one to portuguese?tks so much

  97. joyce 8 years ago

    I ripped out this scarf from my InStyle magazine too and tried to give it to my co-worker who is an avid knitter and can usually create patterns just by looking at them but was able to this time. I plan to make this come winter!

  98. admin 8 years ago

    Hello! I’m sorry that I don’t have it in Portuguese. You could try Ravelry, I know that a few people have translated it into other languages, but I’m not sure which ones. Good luck!

  99. Marly 8 years ago

    Hi, I live in Brazil and I want to know if you have that recipe(burberry inspired cowl neck scarf) in Portuguese, because I don’t understand in English
    Please,if you have,send to my email

  100. Gayle 8 years ago

    Okay. I’ll wear and enjoy! I do love the scarf but would never have spent $750 so thank you again for the pattern. Think of it as advertisement for Burberry!

  101. admin 8 years ago

    Hello! Thanks for your comment and thanks for making the pattern! The gaps or holes happen when you cable. There really isn’t a way around it. And, because the yarn is thick and the needles are larger it makes the holes look bigger than normal. But, you are right, when you wear it and/or lay it flat, the holes aren’t able to be seen and it adds to the design.

  102. Gayle Miyasaki 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for working out this pattern and sharing it with us! I just finished it and absolutely love it. I do have one question, though. I have gaps where each cable begins. I’ve looked everywhere for a tips on avoiding the cable gaps, but did not find much info. I tried both tips I found (one said to pull tighter in certain places on the row before the cable, another said to knit looser) but neither one prevented the holes. Thought I’d come to the source! How can I avoid those gaps? I thought maybe the gaps would become smaller when I “blocked” it, but they didn’t. They don’t really show when the scarf is worn, but if there’s a way to minimize the gaps, I’d love to learn how. Thank you so much again for the lovely pattern!

  103. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for the nice comment! I’m glad that the pattern has gotten you back into knitting. The kitchener stitch is confusing, I admit. The way that I do it is to cast onto my knitting needle using the crochet method. So, for the that first provisional cast on row, I’m using a knitting needle and a crochet hook with the scrap yarn. There are many tutorial videos on the internet, if one doesn’t help you, try another. Good luck!

  104. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for kind words about the pattern. Are you a memeber of Ravelry? If so, check on there for others who have made this pattern not using the yarn that I used. There are many people who have done it and left their alterations and tips for using different yarns. Also, you could get the specs for the yarn that I used and try to find something similar. Good luck!

  105. Jessica 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous pattern with us! It has inspired some of us to get out the knitting needles but having trouble finding the yarn. Doesn’t appear to be any available in Australia, and not having much luck in the UK either (where my daughter lives). If anyone has bought in the UK please share the name of the store. Thanks!

  106. Deborah 8 years ago

    Dear Julianne,
    Thanks so much for giving us all this pattern. It inspired me to start knitting again, and I’m almost finished with it (gift for a friend). I’ve never done Kitchner stitch and have been watching video tutorials for an hour. Silly question: do you put the crocheted cast-on stitches onto a needle? How did you do it? Or do you graft directly from the scrap yarn? I don’t want to ruin your beautiful creation!
    I enjoy your blog and your work so much.
    Sorry for such a long post.
    All the best.

  107. Karen 8 years ago

    I love this pattern. And when I finished I have decided to make one for each of my daughter-in-laws and my daughter. I am going to use a different yarn this time and see how it works out. Thank you so much for the pattern.

  108. L 8 years ago

    This pattern is gorgeous and I was in inspired to download it when I saw it FOR SALE at A Good Yarn in Brookline, MA. They directed me to ravelry for the pattern but I couldn’t help but notice you expressly say not to offer the piece for sale using your pattern. You may want to contact them. Or not, up to you.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity for FREE!

  109. angeeza 8 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful pattern!

  110. Missy 8 years ago

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  111. Colleen 8 years ago

    I made this with Cascade Yarns Venezia in “Girly Life” — absolutely yummy! I’ve received many compliments already. Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern and the introduction to this wonderful yarn!

  112. Ally 8 years ago

    I love this pattern and I love how the scarf turned out! Thanks for the free pattern. Check out the scarf here if you like…

  113. heather 8 years ago

    love this pattern!! i blogged about my progress here if you’re interested :)

  114. Leslie 8 years ago

    I’ve been admiring the many renditions of this pattern on Ravelry. Thanks for providing the pattern to fellow-knitters!

  115. Vivian 8 years ago

    I love this pattern and the yarn! I only wish I could knit it in the round.

  116. susanne 8 years ago

    thanks for researching and posting this pattern. absolutely delightful.

  117. christmasbaby 8 years ago

    I love this. It may e a challenge for me, but well worth it. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  118. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    hello! thanks for the kind words about the cowl. i don’t know if i know what you mean, so i’ll email you directly and we can chat off the blog about this. if anyone else is having this problem she describes, please let me know.

  119. Julia 8 years ago

    Hi Julianne,
    I love the idea of the cowl and have just started making one for myself.But comparing the two cable-rows I got a bit confused – I think in the first row are missing 20 st (or 21) – and I wonder where you put it (beginning or end)? As I am using a very chunky yarn I had to change the number of stitches anyway – but I would be very happy if you would help me unravel my confusion.
    thank you very much

  120. Marge 8 years ago

    Thank you, thank you for responding. I have been knitting away tonight and see what you mean. I love this pattern and love knitting it. I bought enough yarn to make 3…… happy you took the time to encourage me on. Thank you for designing and sharing this pattern.

  121. Sara 8 years ago

    OMgoodness, I love that idea, unfortunatley I need to work on my cables before I can do something like this!! Also, a little of the topic, I absolutley love your blog!! At first I thought, oh how neat garter girl, for garter stitch since I did find you an Ravelry! Then I went to your blog and I love what you do, custom made garters, and they’re so pretty!! Definately going to keep you in mind for the future!!
    Take care,

  122. Sandra 8 years ago

    Bless you for figuring out that pattern. My VP was drooling over it as well, so I’ll show this to her. BTW, that cowl is part of Burbery’s MEN’s collection. I had to dig for it too, and found that In Style, the mag you saw it in, didn’t bother to mention that little detail.

  123. Naomi Paz Greenberg 8 years ago

    Thanks for your beautiful cowl pattern. – Naomi.

  124. maureenreads 8 years ago

    I don’t know how to upload a picture, but my finished cowl is beautiful. A fast easy knit, which is good, because both daughters want one!!!

  125. Rene 8 years ago

    I’m almost finished! It got much easier that’s for sure. I saw that ur in Washington DC.. I live in DC too :)

  126. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    slip all the stitches purl-wise, even if you are on a knit row. good luck!

  127. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    sometimes with cables, you get holes. cabling looks messing while you are doing it. but, it will all work out in the end, just keep going. when it is done, and you lay it flat, you won’t see the holes. that is just what happens with cables and b/c the yarn is thick and the needles are big in this pattern it makes the hole look bigger than usual. good luck! keep going, you are on the right path.

  128. Marge 8 years ago

    Love the pattern. Bought Venezia wool silk and love it. Learned the provisional cast on. Ready to go…….. All was well until I came to the row 11 for the cable stitch. I keep getting holes. The hole is between the 3rd and 4th stitches—caused by the 8 cable stitches scrunched in there. What could I be doing wrong? I’ve seen no similar complaints. It must be me! Help!

  129. Rene 8 years ago

    I casted on and making it now.. quick question, the slip stitches am I supposed to slip knit wise each row or do I slip according to which row I’m on? Thank you so very much for this lovely pattern!

  130. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    skip the provisional cast on and the kitchener stitches and just sew a seam to put it together. the only reason to do both of those stitches is to make it look seamless, but you don’t have to do them. just put the seam in the back when you wear it and you’ll be all set! go for it!

  131. Rene 8 years ago

    I want to make this so badly I can taste it!! But the Kitchener stitch terrifies me! lol It just seems a bit complicated :(

  132. Lauren 8 years ago

    I knit this using Rowan’s Cocoon yarn and it was wonderful! The Cocoon was a little bulkier, but I’ll probably make another in a lighter weight. Great pattern, love the name (of course). Thank you!

  133. Kristen 8 years ago

    So nice! Thank you for the pattern, it looks so cozy.

  134. Pat 8 years ago

    Love this pattern! Thanks so much for sharing it. I hear some yarn from my stash calling it’s name! Happy stitching! Pat

  135. Jutta Graf 8 years ago

    Hi Julianne,

    Well, as I was cleaning up my stack of papers I came across a page I tore out of inStyle/August 2009……… 104 with the picture of the TUBE SCARF I had been wanting to replicate. Guess what a little search on Ravelry unearthed!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you Julianne for all that work and your generosity to share the result. I will send you a picture when I’m done.


  136. Emily 8 years ago

    So pretty!!!

    I just started this pattern the other night with cascade 220 wool which makes it a smidge smaller but it’s something I had stashed.

    Can’t wait to have this finished! Thanks so much!

  137. Grace 8 years ago

    OMG – I can’t believe it, I had the same piece of cut out from the magazine that my daughter had given me to knit her a cowl that “looked” like that – well, I had found one that had vertical cables on a free site, and she just loves it – since then, I’ve made about 10 of them for both daughter’s friends – now I will show her how I found a closer match to the burberry one she was looking for – I love the color used, very close to the real thing – and my daughters are as cute as a button as you are. Thank you for figuring this out for us and most of all, for sharing it.

  138. AnitaK 8 years ago

    Awesome!!! I am going to do this cowl for sure. Thanks for a wonderful pattern… Just going to get some projects off my needles, and then your cowl is next in line..Maybe I’ll try some Malabrigo for this one…

  139. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    hi toni! glad that you were able to do the provisional cast on and get it started! after the first 30 rows, just start back again at row 1. this will give you enough space between the cables to make it look even. thanks for commenting! hope this helps!

  140. Toni Zolig 8 years ago

    Love the cowl. As far as the provisional cast on I used the crochet hook method and it was great. Got it on a web-site. My silly question is: After the first 30 rows, do you start from row 1 or do the next cable row?

    Using Lorna’s worsted and will probably use the two skeins I have. My niece is going to love it!

  141. Irene 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. These days, it’s really cold in Norway, so I’ll knit this one for my sister-in-law. I just have to do a visit to my local yarn lady. Thanks again, and happy new year :)))

    Irene :)

  142. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    Hello Lisle! Thanks for your kind comments and helpful tips. I appreciate it. My gauge, and I’m a fairly standard knitter (not too tight, not too loose), was 4 stitches per inch. Good luck!

  143. Diane Voripaieff 8 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful cowl. What an artist you are for knitting it and in such a gorgeous colour! I am going to try to knit it but ask me next year if I finsihed it…I am older and not a very skilled knitter but this is irresistible. Congratulations and Happy New Year from Chester, Nova Scotia, CANADA

  144. Lisle 8 years ago

    If you cast on normally with some scrap yarn and then continue the pattern in your chosen material, you can just (carefully!) remove the scrap yarn and then kitchener-stitch the ends together. You could also (extra-carefully) undo your cast-on and then join the two ends.

  145. Lisle 8 years ago

    Hey, could you tell me your (approximate) gauge for this?
    P.S. This looks lovely and I am definitely going to make one for myself :)

  146. Amanda 8 years ago

    Awesome, good to know. Thanks again for the pattern, and for your quick reply!!

  147. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    hi there! thanks the comment and for checking out my pattern. i hope that it works out for you and challenges you in 2010!! for the provisional cast on, i prefer to use scrap yarn. it is easier for me and i don’t have a cable needle large enough to hold all the stitches. good luck!

  148. juliannesmith 8 years ago

    it not a dumb question at all! i used the chunky. the worsted is the same texture yarn, but it is just a bit thinner. you could certainly use the worsted, but you’d need to change the gauge and probably cast on double the amount of stitches.

    happy knitting!!


  149. Hanne 8 years ago

    I did exactly the same when I tried to find this Burberry cowl. Sales people at Burberry never heard of it. Thanks, for sharing your pattern. Great job!

  150. mila 8 years ago

    A silly question, but did you use the chunky yarn or the worsted?

  151. June 8 years ago

    Thank you for your generosity.

  152. Sarah 8 years ago

    I think the pattern is wonderful and the venezia I got in slate blue (130) will be great. But sadly I cannot get the hang of this cast on… looks like I’ll have to deal with the seam.

  153. Jennifer 8 years ago

    I just wanted you to know that I think this is far more beautiful than the Burberry version and can’t wait to get a couple of balls of Cascade to knit one for myself. Beautiful work!

  154. Nicole 9 years ago

    This is gorgeous! I am absolutely knitting this for myself as soon as I finish my holiday knitting. Was originally going to stash shop, but I think a pattern this beautiful deserves the right yarn. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  155. Linda Thompson 9 years ago

    I made this and it came out so nice! I didn’t have enough of silk yarn so I used and alpaca/silk blend in a cranberry color. I really like it–thanks for the pattern. I will make it again when I get more silk.

  156. juliannesmith 9 years ago

    i originally thought of doing that, but then in the end i wanted the seamless look and it was just easier. good luck!

  157. cindy 9 years ago

    I am loving this pattern! I am making it with Malabrigo chunky. It is working out great! I wonder if a 3 needle bind off would work instead of kitchner?

  158. Leisa 9 years ago

    Thanks for the pattern! I can’t wait to get my yarn and make one of these!!! It’s beautiful. :-)

  159. juliannesmith 9 years ago

    you’d have to knit it in the round and get yourself lots of cable needles to do the pattern lengthwise.

  160. Joan 9 years ago

    So how does one knit to make the cables vertical?

  161. juliannesmith 9 years ago

    I do love knitting in the round too, makes everything nice and smooth! As it is written, you probably won’t be able to knit it in the round. But, you might be able to rework the pattern a bit and do it so that the cables are going vertical. So, cast on the lengthwise number that you need/want (do it in multiples of 58, if you can) and then work the pattern down. Good luck!

  162. Alyssa 9 years ago

    Hi this is beautiful! I love the pattern! Do you think it could be knit with circular needles in the round? Its my favorite way to knit. Thanks!

  163. Kat 9 years ago

    Il est superbe !
    I love this cowl ! Many thanks for the pattern :-)

  164. Stephanie 9 years ago

    definitely going to try this!!

  165. untxin 9 years ago

    I love this pattern, i did one cowl in a few hours this week end, is really a good pattern !! Thanks you a lot !!

  166. foxywedding 9 years ago

    This is so awesome I am speechless. So impressed!

  167. madmad 9 years ago

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  168. Linda Thompson 9 years ago

    This is so pretty. I’m going to give it a try as soon as I find my purple silk yarn….it’s packed away somewhere!

  169. Kari 9 years ago

    Oh my! I LOVE this!!!!

  170. I love this! This may be my reason to learn how to knit, North Carolina is so much colder than Tucson!

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