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The Garter Girl’s Promise


Over 3,000 brides have trusted The Garter Girl to hand make them an heirloom to remember the most special day of their lives. This means that over 3,000 daughters have something special from her mother’s wedding day that truly reflects how she felt on her wedding day.

Meet some of our brides or read their reviews! (Even the Today Show, Brides Magazine and Martha Stewart and just a few more think The Garter Girl is kind of awesome too!)

We know we have the right heirloom to make you feel amazing. We know we have the most stylish designs for you. We know our quality is the best in the industry for you. We know you’ll love your garter forever.

How are we so confident? It is very simple. The Garter Girl is an expert craftswoman. (She learned from the best – her own seamstress mother.) Each garter is meticulously handmade with only the most luxurious materials and custom made-to-order to fit you and only you.


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Our promise to you.

#1 – The Garter Girl only designs garters that you’ll be obsessed with.

We take a very high-fashion approach to design and your unique personal style is our muse.

#2 – We have two goals for each and every one of our brides:

  1. You can’t wait to wear your garter on your wedding day, and
  2. You love your garter so much that you’ll want to save for your daughter.

#3 – The Garter Girl doesn’t sell garters that don’t meet our strict quality and design standards.

Each piece of satin, lace, pearl and sparkle is hand selected by our owner and designer, Julianne. Each garter is meticulously handcrafted by Julianne, so that you can wear your garter comfortably and confidently from walking down the aisle to the last dance. We also include an heirloom bag with each order, so that you can save it after your wedding.

#4 – The only size The Garter Girl carries is yours.

Each garter is custom made to order individually for you. The Garter Girl’s job is to make your garter fit you exactly as you are. Making sure your garter fits is our job, not yours.


Let’s get you an heirloom!

Shop our garter collection right now or request a time to chat directly with Julianne about your custom design.