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Our exclusive wedding day fashion emergency kit is packed full of wedding planner-approved essentials you'll need for a big day with no big drama. 

Each kit is a lined (for spills and leaks!) white canvas bag with a gold zipper. The bag is printed in black with "just the essentials" and The Garter Girl logo. Included inside the bag is:

  1. 1 roller ball of "calming wedding vibes" lavender essential oil,
  2. 2 packages of stain remover wipes,
  3. 2 packages of sanitizing wipes,
  4. 4 pieces of fashion tape,
  5. 1 pair of travel scissors,
  6. 1 pack of "happy tears" facial tissues (10 tissues)
  7. 4 earring backs,
  8. 1 small mending kit,
  9. 1 small sewing kit with pre-threaded needles,
  10. 2 packages of makeup remover wipes,
  11. 3 knotted style elastic hair ties (1 white, 1 blue and 1 black),
  12. 10 bobby pins,
  13. 10 safety pins, and
  14. 4 adhesive bandages.
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"I cannot wait to wear this garter on my wedding day! It is so delicate and feminine! I will be saving this as a keepsake for sure!"

~ Abrielle

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