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Will My Garter Show Through My Wedding Dress?
August 3, 2017 Julianne Smith

Will My Garter Show Through My Wedding Dress?

Posted in Garter 101

Are you worried that your wedding garter will show through your wedding dress? If so, you’ve come to the right blog post today. In this next Garter 101 blog series, where I answer any and all questions related to a bridal garter, I’m sharing my tips for what to do if you are concerned about your wedding dress and your garter.

I hand make bridal garters, as I’m sure you know, and I get this question quite often. The bride wants to wear a bridal garter on her wedding, because garters are beautiful, sentimental and something that she will cherish forever from her wedding day, but she has some concerns about her garter showing through her wedding dress.

Read on for my tips for how to avoid and wedding dress and wedding garter problems!

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It’s All In The Lining

Your wedding garter most likely will not show through your wedding dress. Why? Because most wedding dresses are lined. The liner in a dress acts as a barrier so that you can’t see through a dress and it hides any of the internal stitches in a dress. So, unless your wedding dress doesn’t have a liner, your wedding garter probably won’t show through your dress.

If your wedding dress doesn’t have a liner because it is a lightweight dress, maybe made of silk for a beach wedding, you’ll just need to check the garter to ensure that it doesn’t show through the dress. If there is no lining, you’ll need to check all of your undergarments too, not jut your garter!

Just Above The Knee

Regardless of the material if you wedding dress, I always recommend that brides wear their garter just above their knee. Why? Just above your knee tends to be the most comfortable and it won’t rub against your other leg as you walk down the aisle and dance the night away.

Also, I recommend to wear your garter above your knee because there is less of a chance that your garter will show through your dress. If you are wearing a tighter fitting dress, like a mermaid style wedding dress, then just above your knee is where your dress will flair out so that you can walk. In the case of a tighter dress, to wear your garter just above your knee is perfect, because your dress will be flaring out at your knees and you won’t be able to see the garter through the dress.


I hope this helped you with your concerns about your garter showing through your wedding dress. Send me more questions, I’m happy to answer your bridal garter questions anytime!

Don’t forget, you can find a unique wedding garter here in my shop, or look through all of my wedding garter 101 advice blog posts for lots more garter help and info. All of your wedding garter questions are answered in this series!

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