Announcement: The BYOB Workshop

Are you frustrated with your creative small business blog? On November 15th in Kensington, Maryland, join me and learn how to blog smarter and harder! Registration opens today for The B.Y.O.B Workshop: How To Blog Your Own Business.

Are you ready to tackle your small business blog once and for all? Are you ready to finally learn about SEO? On November 15, 2016, I will be hosting an intensive workshop to teach small business owners exactly how I blog my way to more business and 1,000s of page views each day.

Registration opens today right here. Use the code “earlybird” to receive a $100 discount. (This discount expires Oct 16th!)



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Stop letting your blog be a source of frustration and just one more thing on your already over flowing to-do list! While everyone else, including your competition, is distracted with social media, now is the time to invest in your blog and website!
This workshop is very hands-on and there will only be a limited number of seats! You will get a personalized blog review from me, and learn exactly how to get control of your blog. You’ll learn how to blog properly, what to blog, when to blog and how to develop your own list of blog topics to bring you in the kind of business that you want. Plus, you’ll learn how to write a blog schedule and stick to it!

But, wait, I already blog for my business! Sure, you might show up to blog, but are you doing it right? This workshop is for new and seasoned creative small businesses to learn how to blog the right way. I’ll show you exactly how to make every single one of those blog posts count!


Blog Your Own Business Workshop

November 15th
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Marigold & Grey Studio
Kensington, MD

More info + the full details!
Seats are very limited!
Use code “earlybird” for $100 discount


Here is what other local Washington DC area wedding event and creative businesses have to say about my small business blogging advice:

“Juli has helped me improve my blogging skills immensely. She is super patient and is able to explain her rational behind every tip and trick. She always sees “the forest through the trees,” and is very able to simplify blogging – what can seem to be an arduous and painstaking, but necessary business task.” – DC area wedding planner

“I thought I was a pretty good blogger. I blog often and regularly, but Juli taught me simple ways to introduce keywords into my content that drive my site’s SEO. I had no idea how easy or impactful that was to do. I also didn’t know how search engines ready my page, so this was key. I also learned simple, but super important, tips like how to name my image files and my links of each blog post so that I can be found easier in searches. In addition to learning about content writing, I learned to think outside of the box and transform one blog post idea into five so that I really monopolize the SEO for certain keywords. Juli is a content expert and I highly recommend her for those wanting to learn what to blog, how to blog, and how to optimize your site’s SEO.” – DC area creative business owner


For more information about this workshop, be sure to check out my information page on The B.Y.O.B. Workshop and you can register right here.


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