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She Needs A Garter!

It is time for a new wedding inspiration blog series that I’m lovingly calling She Needs A Garter! I’ve spotted all sorts of gorgeous wedding images with beautiful brides and sometimes the first thing that pops into my head is, “This bride needs a wedding garter!” All of these images are gorgeous on their own, I’m not taking anything away from the image or the bride or the photographer – all are incredibly stunning – but. as a stylish wedding garter designer, I’d love to see a garter on these brides! I hope that everyone will take this new series in the fun, cheeky way that I mean it! After all, a beautiful photograph of a beautiful bride deserves a beautiful garter!

Maybe it is just a little bit of lace peaking out of her bridal robe, or her wedding dress, or just a little something extra, here are a few wedding photos that I found where the bride’s definitely needs a wedding garter!


Photo Credit: Amanda Lopez via Style Me Pretty of this beach wedding



Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography via this boudoir session on Burnett’s Boards



Photo Credit: Sylvie Gil Photography via Style Me Pretty of this rooftop wedding



Photo Credit: Kirill Bordon Photography via this outdoor boudoir session on The Bridal Theory



Photo Credit: Grace Loves Lace  via Style Me Pretty


So, what do you think? Am I right these these brides need a wedding garter?

Check out my She Needs A Garter blog posts that I’ll be doing in the future. And, for more garter designs check out my custom garter album or shop the stylish wedding garter collection here.

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  1. Linda Lignelli July 20, 2016

    I 100% agree that all those photos and brides need a garter~~~

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