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When Should I Order My Garter?

There are so many things to remember and to purchase for your wedding, isn’t there!? It is really overwhelming to try to remember all of the little things that you are going to want on your wedding day. The shoes, the jewelry, the make up – the list is endless!

If you are unsure of when to order your wedding garter, well you’ve come to the right place! I have you covered with probably more information that you need to know about making sure that you purchase your garter in plenty of time for your wedding. Up next in my wedding garter 101 blog series I will give you some tips for when to order your garter so there is no last minute scrambling to find you an amazing, modern wedding heirloom.


Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

I often have brides, and friends or family members of brides coming to me at the last minute scrambling to find the perfect wedding garter that they totally forgot about before the wedding. This is completely fine and we work it out to get them a gorgeous garter in time. However, if you are a wedding planner (or just a person or bride who likes to plan ahead!) and want to know when is a good time to order your wedding garter, my recommendation is two months before your wedding.

Two Months

With two months before your wedding, this gives you time to order it and have it designed and made. For example, it takes me around one month to complete a custom garter design. This also gives you time to receive the garter and try it on. Trying on your garter is the most important part! If it doesn’t fit or it is uncomfortable, then there is still time to fix the problem. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll have to make due. (Check this post out for what to do if you garter doesn’t fit.)

Look Around

I also recommend starting to look around for the perfect wedding garter prior to the two months before your wedding. You can start looking anytime, really! This will give you time to search around and think about the garter design. Then when it comes closer to your wedding, you’ll know what you want to purchase, making the whole garter process easier.

If you are the ultimate planner and you like to get things taken care of, you can certainly order your garter anytime before your wedding. You don’t have to wait until the two months before. I often have brides that come to me many months, even a year before their wedding. They like to purchase their garter and take it off of their wedding to-do list. It is one less thing to worry about, because you will be very busy in the two months before your wedding!

Hope this helps! What do you think? When will you order your wedding garter?

For more wedding garter tips and advice, be sure to look through my garter 101 blog series and shop for your garter right here in my collection!


  1. Sharon November 3, 2015

    THANK YOU! I have spent the last hour looking for a good site to buy my wedding garter from. Now that I’ve found your site, my search is over! ♡♡♡

    You will definitely be hearing from me soon. I would like to order a custom garter. I’m still figuring out what exactly I want.

    Thanks again ♡♡♡ You have a great website!


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