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Custom Garter Spotlight: Ivory, Purple & Blue
March 24, 2011 Julianne Smith

Custom Garter Spotlight: Ivory, Purple & Blue

Posted in Custom Garter Designs, Etc.

My favorite part of this custom wedding garter set is the big, beautiful blue bow that ties in the back.  This New Year’s Eve bride had such a great sense of style.  She was all about detailing her custom wedding garter, and that meant something beautiful in the front and the back.  The ivory matched her dress, and then she added a touch of purple and silver to go with the wedding colors.  The royal blue was her something blue.

This is a wedding garter set, so that means there is a main garter and a tossing garter to match.  The main garter is an ivory satin background with a royal blue, silver and purple satin stripes (2 inches wide).  The royal blue satin ties in the back in a bow.  It is hand embroidered in blue with the bride’s new name and wedding date.






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