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The Difference Between Personality and Personalization

brides today are all about personalization. they want to take certain wedding details, like a cake or a favor or a headpiece or a first dance, and make it their own. i learned at viagra for sale uk

from-engage09-the-encore/” href=””>engage that personalization and customization matter to today’s brides. i get it. in general, i’m on board with this concept and supportive of a bride’s desire try to make their wedding more personal. but, i think there is more to it.

i wrote this post a few weeks about about the importance of defining your wedding based on your personality and it got me thinking…there is a huge difference between personalization and personality.

personalization is when someone takes something that already exists and they try to refashion it or adapt it slightly to fit their style and their taste. personality, on the other hand, is starting first with yourself, defining who you are and THEN choosing the item that best suits you. with personalization you first start with the product, but with personality, you first start with you.

who are you? what do you like? what kind of life do you want to lead with this new husband/wife of yours? instead of starting with the product, i challenge this season’s newly engaged couples to start with themselves. take some time to think about who you are first and then you will be able to plan the ultimate personalized wedding!

i’ll give a special discount on a custom designed wedding garter to all of the brides who let me design a wedding garter based on their personality. to enter, you must have become engaged within in the two months. simply leave a comment with three words to describe your personality, and one or two sentences describing a wedding garter design that incorporates your three words. if you’d rather not leave a comment, i understand. you may email me directly at info[@]juliannesmith[dot]com. this special discount ends on december 30, 2009.

comment away, newly engaged brides! i want to know who YOU are and what YOUR personality is!


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