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Garters in Wedding Style Guide Magazine
November 3, 2009 Julianne Smith

Garters in Wedding Style Guide Magazine

Posted in Custom Garter Designs, Press & Praise

My stylish wedding garters are in their first magazine…like the mom that I am, I’m so proud! The Wedding Style Guide magazine is based in Australia, but lucky for the Internet, brides around the world are able to enjoy their amazing taste and sense of wedding style.

The wedding style guide magazine did a little lingerie party spread and they used a blue and white custom wedding garter that I designed. Here is the cover…


Here is the spread….

Wedding Style Guide

Wedding Style Guide featuring Julianne Smith Wedding Garters

Wedding Style Guide – Spring 2009
(Click this link to see the full PDF version.)

In case you missed it, the wedding garter is on the third image/page, left hand side in the middle.  A bunch of months ago (Yes, that is the time schedule that magazines work on), I custom designed the Wedding Style Guide a few wedding garters to go with a silver, blue and white theme. These are the garters I shipped down under…

silver, white and blue wedding garters - julianne smith

The custom wedding garters from top to bottom: blue and white polka dot grosgrain with a white satin stripe (1.5 inches wide); silver satin with a white grosgrain stripe and a light blue satin stripe (1.5 inches wide); and white satin with a blue grosgrain stripe and a white satin bow (2 inches wide).

sliver and blue wedding garters - julianne smith

white satinand blue grosgrain wedding garter - julianne smith

The last picture is a close up of the one that the Wedding Style Guide ended up using. Pretty cute, huh?

If you want to download the entire magazine, you can do it here. Thanks, Wedding Style Guide for featuring my stylish wedding garters. I’m so honored!

Comments (9)

  1. Kawania @ Howerton+Wooten Events 9 years ago

    Congratulations! I think your garters are lovely!

    Love & Soul Always, Kay

  2. Cherin 9 years ago

    Juli, that’s awesome! Congratulations!!! :)

  3. Bella Vista All Events 9 years ago

    I love them! Why do garters need to be white and boring? Lets start adding a touch of our own personality to them as well.

  4. Foxywedding 9 years ago

    Wow Juli! That is so great!! Way to go!

  5. The Broke-Ass Bride 9 years ago

    Yay Juli!

  6. Fiona (A Matter of Wedding Photography Edinburgh) 9 years ago

    Gorgeous! I find garters so pretty. Congratulations on the publicity.

  7. Amy 9 years ago

    That is so great! It looks perfect for the spread. Way to go!

  8. Congrats, Julianne – that is SO exciting!!!

  9. linda lignelli 9 years ago

    so exciting;

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