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beautiful hand crochet real wedding garter

i absolutely have to share this real wedding garter with you.  even though i didn’t make it, far be it from me to keep you from seeing some so special.

beautiful crochet wedding garter

i saw this wedding garter on the relentless bride blog and it blew me away.  i’m a knitter, so i knew right away that this baby wasn’t purchased, someone hand-made this for the bride.  sure enough, this wedding garter was hand crochet for kelly, by her mother as a surprise shower present.  how sweet!

beautiful crochet wedding garter with wedding rings
as kelly said…

My mom made the garter.  She’s always been crafty, and knew from the start that she wanted to make something for my wedding day that would be a nice keepsake…She made it in a champagne color to match my dress, and added some Swarovski crystals to add a little “bling” to it as well…Everyone ooohed and aaahed when I opened the box at the shower…We had a destination wedding, and didn’t do a garter toss at the reception; however, we plan to do one at the at-home reception, but we won’t be giving away that garter – we’ll throw one someone can take home with them.  I’ll be saving this garter as a keepsake.

kelly wearing beautiful crochet wedding garter

thanks, kelly, for sharing your beautiful wedding garter with me.  (she is a beautiful bride, don’t you think!?)  and tell your mom that i’m in awe of her crochet skills!

want to crochet a wedding garter?  i found some free, pretty crochet wedding garter patterns here and here and here. and i also have a few free patterns of my own here.

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  1. Roxanne May 14, 2016

    Where can I get the pattern?

  2. Nicole April 9, 2015

    Would I be able to purchase the pattern?

  3. Patricia Fryer January 23, 2015

    I would like the instructions on how to make gartergirl by Julianna Smith so I can make it for my Granddaughter’s wedding. Thank you Pat Fryer

  4. Laura December 13, 2012
  5. SL Dah December 26, 2011

    Love…love … love it…where do I find the pattern

  6. L. Jones July 25, 2011

    The Garter looks beautiful and has such a lovely design. I know it takes much skill and practice to do that kind of work.

  7. Marie Hamilton June 24, 2011

    This is absolutely beautiful!! Is there ANY way I could get the pattern? My son is getting married and I would love to make this for his bride. Please and thank you….Marie

  8. Joyce Udelhofen January 23, 2011

    I am an almost 80 y. old grandma who is having a grand-daughter get married in April 2011. Would appreciate the crochet pattern for a wedding garter that is pictrued on your web site.It’s garter girl by Julianne Smith. Made with champagne thread and some Swarovski crystals. Joyce

  9. linda lignelli July 10, 2009

    pretty special, and i think that you can do the same~~~linda

  10. Becki July 8, 2009

    Thanks for all the kind words and appreciating my contribution to my beautiful daughter’s special wedding. Kelly has always been and always will be, one of the 2 most wonderful persons in my life, the other being her father, John. Of course, now there’s a 3rd special person, Russ. The joy I’ve had in making things for her throughout her life has been appreciated by her, from crocheted baby items, coming up with her vision of a Unicorn for Halloween, to many dance costumes (including a “Cats” one for competition) and now, her wedding garter. I’ve loved every stitch, be it sewing, knitting, crocheting or glitzing things up, in order to make something special for my wonderful daughter.

  11. The Perfect Palette July 8, 2009

    very pretty.

  12. I was impressed when i saw it on Kelly’s big day… her mom is super sweet, and has great krafty skills to match her awesome personality! :)

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