Happy Wedding Day: Navy & Coral!

I’ve been having a bit of fun lately posting custom wedding garters on the bride’s actual wedding date. (It is the small things in life, really!!) Here is custom wedding garter whose bride is getting married today! It is a vibrant navy and coral

combination that just popped when I put it together. I would die to see the rest of this bride’s wedding, I’m sure the navy and coral details are just amazing!


This is a wedding garter set, so it has a matching tossing garter. The main garter is a navy blue grosgrain background with a coral grosgrain knot tied in the middle (1.5 inches wide). On either side of the knot in white, I hand embroidered the couple’s initials and wedding date. The matching tossing garter is a navy grosgrain background with a white satin stripe and a coral grosgrain stripe (5/8 inch wide).







Happy wedding day, P! Thank you so much for letting me make this wedding garter set for you!

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  1. admin October 29, 2014

    Thanks for your interest! Just email me info@thegartergirl.com

  2. adrienne creasy October 29, 2014

    I would like to know the price of the coral/navy garter set.

  3. elaine October 9, 2014

    How much for something like this? Been looking for the right one and this looks perfect. I would like a set.

  4. Jessica Bryson July 27, 2014

    These are beautiful! What is the price ??

  5. Betsy Logerie June 14, 2014

    I would love this for my wedding. What’s the price?

  6. admin March 12, 2013

    Hi JoAnna! I will email you. Thanks so much!

  7. JoAnna Mize March 12, 2013

    Can you make another one just like this – with the navy and coral for me? What’s the price?

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