Keepsake Bag for Wedding Garters | The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith

Keepsake Bag for Wedding Garters

My wedding garter concept is about working with brides to design a stylish wedding garter that they will not only love, but also be able to save it as a little memory from their wedding day. As such, I package my wedding garters in a small cotton bag so that brides will be able to not only save their garter, but protect it.

Over the summer, I sent a beautiful black, lace and hot pink unique wedding garter out to Seattle for the Get Hitched, Give Hope event giveaway and photographer Barbie Hull took a few photos. She got two really great ones of my keepsake bags. They were so pretty that I wanted to share the photos so that brides could get a look at what comes with their wedding garter purchase! Check it out…



For more info, here is a post that I wrote about how to save and protect your wedding garter after your wedding.

Photos on this post are credited to Barbie Hull Photography.


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