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a big blog hug

the support for my new collection has been amazing and really flattering from everyone who wrote about it to all the awesome people that came out to the launch party.  as a crafter, a little piece of you goes into everything you do, make or sell, so it can be difficult to put yourself out there to the public, not quite knowing what the reaction will be.  there is an air of uncertainty and caution in everything you do, as i’m sure any creative business person can relate to.

i want to give a big blog hug and thank you to these great blogs who wrote about my new collection.  THANK YOU!  (in no particular order…)

  • district weddings blog.  (this blog is a MUST for any d.c. area bride!)
  • polished image & style consultants blog.  (if you need someone to help you get it together, robin is your girl!)
  • the boutique wedding planning firm in VA, my simple details blog.  (so excited for vicki to get going with her new business!)
  • newlywed the budget savvy bride blog.  (i was so honored to make her garter.  be sure to check out all of her incredible personal wedding pictures!)
  • the broom jumping bride blog.  (newlywed dana not only wore one of my garters, but was also the inspiration behind style #219!)
  • charm city bride blog.  (it is like we are neighbors! i can’t wait to start reading this baltimore-based blog!)
  • australia’s your wedding wardrobe blog.
  • richmond’s dawn easter events blog.

if i missed you, please email me at info @ juliannesmith.com.  (i got love for you too, it wasn’t intentional!)


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