Launch Party: Modern Tea Party Inspiration Board | The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith

Launch Party: Modern Tea Party Inspiration Board

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m launching my new collection of wedding garters and hosting a party!

When I got married many years ago, inspiration boards were not popular.  It wasn’t something that you did.  Instead, you just sat there with one of your vendors and explained over and over, in as much details as you could, what you wanted while they furiously wrote notes.  If you really had yourself together, maybe you brought some torn out pages from bridal magazines.  And you just hoped they got it right on the big day.

Now, inspiration boards are all the rage.  I can see why.  They are so helpful.  They put your event into perspective for someone who is helping you and who isn’t inside your mind to know exactly what you want.  Inspiration boards are for more than just the decor.  They can really help to pull together all the party details like the food and drink choices and your outfit.

For my launch party, I decided on a “modern tea party” theme.  Instead of biscuits and scones, we will have cupcakes. Instead of hot tea to drink, we will have the yummy golden star sparkling tea.  It will be very pink and very chocolate to go with the decor inside of hello cupcake.  I’m no snippet & ink, but here is my first attempt at an inspiration board…

modern tea party inspiration board

modern tea party inspiration board

Coming up with my inspiration board is tough.  Especially since I was feeling creatively tapped out after developing my new garter collection.  The inspiration for this theme came from a tea set cake stand by esther combs posted on the brooklyn bride blog.  I was having a hard time coming up with a theme and just like that I opened my google reader, saw (and LOVED) the cake stand was instantly inspired.  Once i found the cake stand, many of party details just fell into place.  Lesson learned – keep your eyes open, you never know when inspiration will hit you!

Whether it is a wedding or a baby shower or a new garter collection launch party, an inspiration board can really help you pull it all together.  Having a hard time?  the lovely and talented classic bride will even put one together for you!

Check back after the party to see how the inspiration board came together and to see if  I was able to stay true to the vision…

Photo credits for launch party inspiration board:
(from left to right, starting at top)
1:  julianne smith
2:  martha stewart
3:  golden star tea
4:  La Tartine Gourmande
5:  paul lowe
6:  hello cupcake
7:  southern weddings
8:  julianne smith
9:  jen fariello
10:  martha stewart
11:  paul lowe
12:  martha stewart
13: esther coombs


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