real wedding garter: budget savvy bride | The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith

real wedding garter: budget savvy bride

i LOVE seeing photos of my garters in action.  ok, not that kind of “action” – take your mind out of the gutter!

let me rephrase: i love seeing photos of the garters before the wedding, when they are all pretty and laid out nicely.  photographers are so good and they always have some great way of arranging it and making them look so adorable.

check out this amazing photo by evin photography from the budget savvy bride‘s wedding…

style #304

style #304

the budget savvy bride was so fun and easy to work with.  check out her garter picking post here.  she picked style #304 and that was that!  it is such a beautiful garter and it looks even more amazing in that photo with her kasia fink veil.

visit the budget savvy bride‘s blog to see more of her great wedding photos.


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